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Power and electrical distribution equipment engineering support • Industrial • Commercial • Residential

Control Technology Engineering Support

CTC Engineering Support for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications

Serving key market segments including mining, oil & gas, utilities, industrial, commercial, and residential, CTC’s electrical equipment engineering support team has been instrumental in providing energy-efficient technologies to meet the diverse power and electrical systems needs at “point of use” for our clients.

Control Technology Company – CTC, recognizes that high performance facilities require optimal solutions to allow smarter effective use of energy. After all, energy is the lifeline of your business, and better efficiency and sustainability can have a significant positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

CTC feels that in today’s competitive market, industries need answers to take control of their energy needs from beginning to end. We accomplish this by ensuring there is close collaboration between CTC’s electrical equipment engineering support, sales, and quotations teams, to define the client’s objectives, implement green energy saving strategies, and then offer solutions to maintain efficient, sustainable operations within budget.

Sales: By leveraging CTC’s deep supplier relationships with top manufacturers and distributors in the electrical industry, Control Technology sales manages the full scope of technical and commercial costumer relationships. CTC’s sales team focus is to serve our customers throughout the sales cycle, from initial project conception through design and procurement, with optimal technical solutions at a commercially competitive cost. Thanks to its vast knowledge of product applications, our sales team serves customers from industrial projects in multiple industries, to commercial, institutional and residential construction projects sold through distribution.

Quotations: Starting a project on track is critical to project success.  The CTC engineering team takes pride in comprehensive technical support and quotations that emphasize to the customer that the technical requirements are met, so the customer can be confident in the commercial requirements.  With such focus on technical application of equipment, our clients rely on our CTC quotation team for feasibility and budget pricing as well as technical support and design assistance to help refine the design for their end customer.

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